Tuesday, 31 January 2017

EARGASM Feat- Turner Brothers

A band I'm a big fan of,  and not just because they hail from my hometown of Watford. If you haven't heard of the Turner brothers  then you must be living on Planet Zog? 

These guys have played some impressive gigs and continue to keep soaring, but it's really no surprising with their damn fine catchy Toonage. 

Fronted by brothers Anthony & Patrick Turner, the main fabric of their music may be Ska, but it has elements of many other genres woven within & it sure makes for an exciting sound. I defy anyone to sit still when the Turner Brothers are in Town. However, amongst the feel good tracks, you will also find gems where the tempo is taken down, as in  "Take Control" and it's clear to see why these guys are so popular on the live circuit. It's suprising there doesn't seem to be any Album or EP releases but hopefully it won't be long before they do. 

                                                        Til Next Time Stay Blessed
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